Region 12 “Cali Rally”

57 Airstream a Camatta Ranch

April 21-24, 2016 – Limited to the first 60 Airstreams
Camatta Ranch / Lazy Outdoor Adventures
9330 Camatta Creek Road
Santa Margarita, CA

Cali Rally 2016 Slideshow

Thank You to photographers Susan & John Barrett, Kent Schroeder,Lynda Polk and Alan Amundsen


Amateur Radio Information (program your radios and find us here!)

Note: No cellphone coverage at Camatta Ranch

  • Main Rally Repeater: 147.360 (+) PL 127.3 (W6FM)
    • Located 2624 feet above sea level at Mt Lowe near San Luis Obispo
    • Primary coverage area extends out to about an 60 mile radius from the repeater site.
    • It covers about 120 miles of the US 101 from about Santa Maria to the south and Camp Roberts on the north.
    • Should have fairly good coverage at Camatta Ranch (user antenna/equipment may make a big difference).
    • Linked to Northern Drive-In Repeater (below)
  • Northern Linked Drive-In Repeater: 146.730 (-) PL 127.3
    • Located in San Ardo, North of Paso Robles along 101.
    • Linked to main Rally repeater (above).
  • “Call-In” local simplex: 146.55 (“RV Calling Channel”).
    • Lost or have questions? Use this channel to check-in during the last few miles of your way to Camatta Ranch.
    • Also use it for local conversations once you’re at the Rally


We would like to extend an invitation to join us at the now legendary Cali Rally to be held at Camatta Ranch near San Luis Obispo. Home to exotic animals, aquatic fossils, condors, hawks and hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, the Ranch provides us a truly unique Airstream experience.

Mark your calendars and join us for some western fun in the Golden State.

Tom Smithson, Jim Polk, Cecelia Stansbury
Region 12 Officers

Camatta Ranch / Lazy Outdoor Adventures

Lazy Arrow Adventures is run on the 32,000 acre Camatta Cattle Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. The Ranch dates back to Mexican land grant days and was put together in 1846. We’ll be circling our aluminum wagons in a secluded camping area surround by oak trees with picnic tables, BBQ pit and campfire ring. The nearest store is about 20 miles from the ranch so please bring necessary provisions, including food to share for Thursday potluck and social hours.

The days may be warm and the evenings cool/cold so be sure to pack a hat, boots/sturdy closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, flashlight, binoculars & anything else you may need to enjoy the ranch lifestyle. Western attire is optional. This event is of the grid, no wi-fi nor cell service will be available so get ready to disconnect, relax and channel your inner cowboy / cowgirl.